Major features - Active Rust Primer 662 SG

- an Enviro-Coat 2000 product

  • Highly surface tolerant, hard coat but flexible, applied in a thin layer
  • For use inside waterballast tanks, wet rooms, decks, hatch covers, equipment, general maintenance
  • Toleration to humidity, effect towards salt crystals – see enclosed salt test
  • Penetrates, wets and seals thightly-adhering rust
  • Perfect primer on waterjetted and power tool-cleaned surfaces
  • Fast drying, strong adhesion
  • Active Rust Primer 662 SG is classified: NON-HAZARDOUS

  • 100 % environmentally friendly
  • Easy in use - single pack, no mixing
  • Excellent adhesion to bare or smooth steel as well
  • Versatile, can be overlapped onto existing paints
  • Excellent adhesion to topcoat
  • Compatible and acknowledged by the major marine suppliers
  • Jotun, Ameron, International, Hempel, etc.
  • Lloyd’s Register Certificate No. MATS/2669/1, recognised ballast tank maintenance coating

Nortrade AS is pleased to provide further information on the use of Active Rust Primer 662 SG and the experience we have.

Please view Product Data Sheet, Instructions, Salt Test Report, MSDS and References for your guidance.

In the american market, our product is known under the name LifeGuard.

Read more about LifeGuard here